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        2021-02-04 17:42:14| 来源:广东中公教育


        Passage 7

        With gas prices at more than $4 per gallon, many Upton citizens are being forced to break their regular routine and change their way of living.

        In the past, high gas prices meant Uptonites would postpone their weekend trip or even summer vacation, but today, Utonites are changing more than travel plans.

        “I started riding my bike to run errands in town” said resident Dale Brown. “But I still have to commute into the city for work, and I’m paying nearly double in gas: I may have to look for a new job.”

        Not only are people riding bicycles more, buses have been fuller than usual, and the gas prices are forcing the city council to discuss increasing ticket prices by 20cents.

        Still many people are driving as usual, but filling their tanks only half way. “1 get calls a few times per week that they’ve run out of gas, so I drive out to where they are and bring them gas,” said Marty Watson, owner of Marty’s Gas Station. “It’s a shame that(the gas) is not as affordable, so people fill up less and get stuck.”

        23. What problem is being discussed?

        A. Lower wages

        B. Higher fuel prices

        C. Rising unemployment

        D. Higher healthcare costs

        24. How are citizens adapting to the problem?

        A. They are riding bicycles.

        B. They are avoiding the hospital.

        C. They are looking for second jobs.

        D. They are looking for jobs in the city.

        25. What action might the city council take?

        A. Increase property taxes

        B. Give help to small clinics

        C. Financially assist the unemployed

        D. Increase public transportation costs

        26. Who is Marty Watson?

        A. A reporter

        B. A former bus driver

        C. A gas station owner

        D. An unemployed resident

        Passage 8

        The West Virginia Department of Tourism and the Cumberland Transportation Department are proud to announce the re-opening of the Ottoman River Ferry. Originally opened in 1811, the Ottoman River Ferry linked Cumberland, Maryland to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, providing an important supply route between Maryland and West Virginia at the turn of the the 19th century. In operation for more than 70 years, the Ferry closed after a series of devastating floods washed away docking facilities in 1899 and 1924.

        The Potomac River Ferry runs the same route as the original ferry, transporting pedestrians and vehicles to and from Cumberland and Harpers Ferry. The Ferry currently runs ten times a day on two different boats, the Yankee Clipper and the Rebel Yell. Only the Yankee Clipper carries both massager and vehicles. Absolutely no vehicles over 5 tons are permitted on the ferry.

        The ferry will begin operation on Sunday, April 2nd, 2006. To celebrate the re-opening of the ferry, all pedestrians and bicyclists can ride for free on Sunday. Normal rates apply for vehicles. See the attached schedule for a list of fares.

        To prevent over crowing during peak times, reservations are required for vehicles with more than 4 wheels. Vehicle reservations also require prepayment by traveler’s check, bank money order, or credit card. Do not send cash by mail. Personal checks are not accepted.

        Residents of West Virginia and Maryland may obtain a discounted rate by showing any of the following documents:

        ?Current driver’s license

        Current state-issued identification card?Valid voter registration card

        27. What is the main purpose of the information?

        A. To reissue the schedule for crossing a local water way.

        B. To distribute schedules to local customers.

        C. To advertise that a local transportation was now open.

        D. To retrospect the history of a local treasure.

        28. Why was the Ferry closed for so many years?

        A. It was destroyed during a historic conflict.

        B. It was seldom used and fell into disrepair.

        C. There were conflicting ownership claims that needed resolution.

        D. Natural disasters forced its closure.

        29. What types of vehicles must obtain reservations to use the Ferry?

        A. All vehicles with 4 wheels.

        B. More than 4 wheelchairs.

        C. All vehicles weighing more than 4 tons.

        D. All vehicles with 5 or more wheels.

        30. Which of the following does NOT qualify as proof of residency?

        A. A current Virginia driver’s license.

        B. A current Maryland driver’s license.

        C. A West Virginia voter registration card.

        D. A current Maryland ID card issued by the state.





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