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        2021-02-25 17:26:30| 来源:广东中公教育


        1. Although he joined the firm only last year, he is ______ me already.

        A. superior to B. superb than C. better than D. senior to

        2. With Nuoxin Bank, you will not be charged any additional fees for online banking ______.

        A. deficits B. transactions C. expenses D. providers

        3. The results of the study ______ the hypothesis that had been proposed by researchers at the National Medical Institute.

        A. confirmed B. submitted

        C. certified D. depended

        4. Our marketing strategy will be _______ influenced by the feedback we receive from the customer satisfaction survey.

        A. legibly B. blankly C. loudly D. strongly

        5. Workers are ______ against entering the laboratory without protective clothing and masks.

        A. cautious B. caution

        C. cautiously D. cautioned

        6. Comco, Inc., became the leading supplier of computer ______ last year, less than ten years after it was founded.

        A. amounts B. types C. kinds D. parts

        7. ______ the search committee offers Doctor Rao the position of Professor of Sociology will depend on a vote of its members.

        A. Whether B. After C. Although D. Until

        8. Some of employees are ______ the quality problem.

        A. indifferent to B. difficult to

        C. different from D. difference to

        9. In the west of China, people plant rows of trees to prevent the wind ______ the earth away.

        A. blew B. blows C. to blow D. blowing

        10. The company handbook ______ the topics of compensation, bonuses, and overtime.

        A. has been covered B. covering

        C. is covered D. covers





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