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        2021-02-25 17:27:51| 来源:广东中公教育

        11. Mr. Fullham’s investments in small start-up companies have doubled ______ value in just over five years.

        A. they B. their

        C. them D. themselves

        12. A 20 percent increase in revenue makes this the ______ year yet for the Sorvine hotel group.

        A. more profitable B. most profitable

        C. profiting D. profitably

        13. It is imperative that computer passwords ______ kept confidential.

        A. were B. be C. being D. had been

        14. The European Commerce Authority is seeking ______ imports of foreign-made textiles and garments.

        A. limits B. limiting

        C. to limit D. limitation

        15. My parents don’t mind what job I do ______ I am happy.

        A. even though B. as soon as

        C. as long as D. as though

        16. Speaking ______ behalf of the vice president, Alan Lee thanked the employees for their contributions to the fund-raising project.

        A. at B. on C. by D. for

        17. Several ______ have been made to the layout of Banham Library’s Web site.

        A. revisions B. processes C. considerations D. concepts

        18. The man ______ me is president of the ABC Company.

        A. at front B. in front

        C. in front of D. in the front of

        19. Studio Ceramics Monthly does not accept manuscripts ______ have previously appeared in print.

        A. they B. that C. whose D. what

        20. The cost of repairing the water damage to the museum after the storm ______ to be more than one million dollars.

        A. expects B. is expecting

        C. expected D. is expected





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