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        2021-02-25 17:40:24| 来源:广东中公教育

        41. This case is quite _____ today with the great development of science and technology.

        A. common B. general C. simple D. alike

        42. We apologize for any inconvenience this ______ you.

        A. may cause B. to cause

        C. to have caused D. would have cause

        43. After December 13 customers will be asked to place their orders online ______ use the mail-order form.

        A. so as

        B. in case

        C. rather than

        D. provided that

        44. The success of a product depends on ______ factors.

        A. organized

        B. useful

        C. assembled

        D. various

        45. The minimum term of your contract with us will be ______ a period of two years, with the option to renew.

        A. for B. of C. past D. when

        46. Today, Wichner Industries announced that it ______ opening an office in Kuala Lumpur to coordinate its overseas operations.

        A. will be B. be C. is being D. been

        47. Following her ______ to sales director, Ms. Lin assumed responsibility for the firm’s marketing activities.

        A. development B. delivery

        C. promotion D. acceptance

        48. Patent laws guarantee that Halperin Engineering, Inc., has ______ rights to the technology it developed for robotic surgical devices.

        A. responsible B. feasible C. manufactured D. exclusive

        49. The sales invoice contains all the terms and conditions ______ by the buyer and seller.

        A. agreed to B. agree

        C. agreement D. agreeing upon

        50. For a moment nothing happened. Then ______ all shouting together.

        A. voices had come B. came voices

        C. voices would come D. did voices come





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